Writing Thursdays #3

Concepts can come from anywhere.

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Writing Thursdays #2

Greetings! As many of you writers know, Writer’s Block is nothing to joke about. That all too familiar phenomenon where you are exercising your creative genius when all of a sudden…uh. Exactly my point, if you have never had Writer’s Block you’ve never written. I’ve been talking with my friends over in Generation Rising and figuring out how they deal with Writer’s Block. […]

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Writing Thursdays #1

Hello again everyone! I had an idea for a semi-regular posting schedule. Writing Thursdays: I will use Thursdays to discuss a variety of topics that will range from some of my personal writing styles to what I am currently working on! Though as you may have noticed with my irregular posting habits, I’m not good […]

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Quick Short Story

Hello, Everyone! I have something I want to share with you. Being a part of a writing group, Generation Rising Authors, I was challenged to a writing contest. Though I pulled out of the contest, I still wanted to complete the short story. It is my first work of Historical Fiction, taking place before and during […]

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