Writing Thursdays #1

Hello again everyone! I had an idea for a semi-regular posting schedule. Writing Thursdays: I will use Thursdays to discuss a variety of topics that will range from some of my personal writing styles to what I am currently working on! Though as you may have noticed with my irregular posting habits, I’m not good at doing this on a constant basis, ANYWAY… Here is the first post of Writing Thursdays.

I would like to share a little about my current project, The Blue Blur: A Mission Remembered. For those of you who have read A Mission Given and for those who haven’t; A Mission Remembered is the sequel to the first book and is the second installment of The Mission Series

We pick up where we left off in A Mission Given, Arf has come to terms with Rebekah’s death and… Did you really think I was going to spoil something? Not today ;). Arf is now seeking to spread the gospel with his powers but encounters a new villain: Mindsweeper.  He is the physical description of Mindsweeper, pulled from the earliest draft of A Mission Remembered.

I looked down into the loading dock and a door flew open as a man ran out. He was dressed in unusual gear. His entire face was covered by a mask, the mouth guard almost gave him a Darth Vader look, but not quite. Wires that glowed an eerie purple color came out of his mask, tucked behind his head, and ran down to his hands where they connected to glowing pads on his palms. On his left forearm, he had a gauntlet that seemed to be the control pad for the rest of his gear. The rest of his outfit matched the same color scheme but appeared to serve no purpose.

Now I don’t want to give away any more than I have about Mindsweeper. Be sure to be checking in on any new update about A Mission Remembered on this blog. I will try to post more and keep ya’ll in the loop!

Be sure to check out the books me and my friends have written at generationrisingauthors.com

God’s Speed!


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